Wraith-class Monitor

Wraith-class Monitor

The Wraith-class packs oversized firewpower comparable with the Strom-class, but with turreted weapons. Although this allows the ship to separate and aim fire, it lacks hangar capacity. While shorter, it has somewhat larger internal volume and reactor output. Aside from the two primary turrets, comparable to ISD heavy turbolaser cannons, the Wraith also sports four additional heavy turrets and a torpedo launcher. The Wraith also has excellent atmospheric capability unlike the Strom, capable of extensive operations as well as landing, making this vessel highly suitable to close-range precision bombardment with heavy weapons. However, the ship is not well suited to handle fighter assaults. The ship is plated in darkened bronzium, making it highly radiation-resistant as well as moderately stealthy, together with the two by two tight-beam engine banks. All statistics are estimated.

Member Availability:

  • Dark Jedi
  • ISIS Agents
  • Troopers
  • Naval Officers


Name/Type: Wraith-class Monitor
Designer/Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Designation: Monitor
Crew: 284 + 35 Gunners
Length: 200 Meters
Speed: 60 MGLT, 850 Kph
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 1,335 SBD
Hull Rating: 1,618 RU
Weapons: 2 Heavy Dual Turbolaser Cannons, 4 Heavy Dual Turbolaser Cannons, 6 Laser Cannons, 1 Forward Proton Torpedo Launcher (30 Warheads).
Fighter Complement: None.
Troops: 50 Stormtroopers.
Support Craft: None.
Special: Darkened Bronzium Armour, Tight-Beam Ion Engines (82.5% Total Stealth Rating).

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