Verbrecher Syndikate

Crime Syndicates
Black Sun
The Black Sun is the most prominent criminal syndicate in the Galactic Republic.
The Black Sun is the major source of illegal traffic related to guns, technology and drugs. Their web extends all across the republic and also deep in Imperial territory. The Black Suns are lead by prince Xizor. During the training of Darth Maul, many Black Suns have been killed by him in order of Darth Sidious.
Black Widow
The infamous Black Widow Company is a low-life mercenary band that borders on piracy. They have a reputation of unnecessary bloodshed, wanton mayhem and failure to complete contracts, sometimes even turning on their employers. The fact that they are a damn efficient fighting force and are seldom stopped during their mission is possibly the only reason why anyone would want to hire them. Their current HQ and staging world remains a closely guarded secret and is unknown.
Galactic Exchange
A prominent syndicate until the planet on which its HQ was based, was bombarded by Darth Malak’s flagship.
Hutt Space
Nestled between Imperial and Republican space sits the region known as Hutt Space. A lawless bed of scum and villainy, Hutt Space is a haven for smugglers, criminals and anyone who’s on the “most wanted” lists. Shortly after the downfall of the Empire, and before the Republic could consolidate too much power, many gang leaders flocked to Nar-Shaddaa and from there they instituted an autonomous region known as Hutt Space. It is a region devoid of “official” involvement (as it has always been) and where neither Republic nor Imperial forces are welcomed. Individual worlds are responsible for providing some of the police force, mostly to prevent major outbreak of violence.
At the head of those gang leaders sits always a Hutt. After Jabba the Hutt has been killed, many smugglers went their own way and 5 years later they teamed together, under leadership of Talon Karrde, to help the New Republic unofficially.
Shadow Wing
The Shadow Wing is a pirate syndicate which operates throughout the galaxy. This is only one of the pirate organizations, but one whose power is felt everywhere, even in the deep core systems. Their current HQ is located on a rogue asteroid which has been altered with a propulsion system and hyperdrive engine.    Sende Artikel als PDF