VCX-350 light freighter

Name/Type: VCX-350 light freighter
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Role: Light Transport / Freighter
Crew: 1 + 2 Gunners
Length: 31 Meters
Speed: 50 MGLT, 610 Kph
Acceleration: 9 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 60 DPF
Hyperdrive: x1 (x11 Backup)
Shield Rating: 120 SBD
Hull Rating: 48 RU
Weapons: 1 Fire-linked dual laser cannon turet (Dorsal mount, Class 5.3)
Passengers: 8
Cargo Space: 250 Metric Tons.
Consumables: 6 Months.
Cost: 300,000 Credits (new), 175,000 Credits (used).


Description: „The VCX-350 light freighter was a Corellian Engineering Corporation starship in the VCX series introduced to the starship market during the transition of power from the Galactic Empire to the New Republic. Benefiting from the New Republic’s less-intrusive policies toward independent companies, CEC was able to create a more powerful freighter; the end result combined lavish staterooms, a large cargo hold, and heightened performance. Despite the higher prices, the ship garnered much popularity among trading companies and smuggler convoys; Talon Karrde used the VCX-350 in his own fleet. Pirates would also exclusively target the ship due to its demand. This popularity put the ship into direct competition with the older YT series as the best known CEC design. … Because of the relaxed atmosphere business-wise under the New Republic, the ships of the VCX line, including the VCX-350, were designed and built with heavier, almost military-grade shield generators, weapons, and engines.“ – Wookieepedia on the VCX-350 Light Freighter

This ship is a departure from the more iconic CEC designs. It has a fair amount of volume inside, the interior divided into two decks, the upper deck being the staterooms and crew quarters and the lower being the cargo holds. Comfort and luxury was the biggest driving force behind this design with staterooms for each of the crew and passengers versus the usual bunks. Combined with the better shields, weapons and engines, this ship carried a very high price tag.

Recommendations: Having only a dorsal laser turret with a huge blindspot right behind it due to the placement of the engines, fighter pilots are advised to get on its six and pump it full of lasers or attack from below, using its large profile to establish a missile lock.

Reference: D6 Holocron on the VCX-350 Freighter for just about everything and Starship and Airspeeder stats for speed stats.    Sende Artikel als PDF