Storm Commando Armor

Storm Commando Armor
Model: Imperial Munitions Storm Commando Armor
Type: Lightweight personal battle armor
Cost: Not for sale*
Availability: 3, X
Armor Protection: +1D physical and energy.
Comlink: Tongue-activated helmet comlink.
Sealed Body Glove: Climate controlled body glove and
breath mask allows operation in uncomfortably cold or
warm climates and toxic-air environments.
MFTAS: Multi-Frequency Targeting Acquisition System;
adds +3D to Perception and search checks in low-visibility
situations, +2D to ranged weapon skill uses against targets
moving more than 10 meters per round; polarized lenses
prevent flash-blinding.
Viewplate: Macrobinocular imaging set (100-250/500/
1,000 meters range) with UV nightvision (See MFTAS,
Utility Belt: High-tension wire, grappling hooks, spare
blaster power packs, ion flares, concentrated rations, spare
comlink, water packs, 2 medpacs, additional supplies
Stealth Coating: Special black reflec polymer coating hides
wearer from sensor scans; +1D to hide and sneak.
*Storm Commando armor is classified as a military secret
and carries the same penalty as possession of radtrooper
armor. On the black market, Storm Commando armor is
believed to cost upwards of 10,000 credits.
Source: Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim (page
29), Rules of Engagement – The Rebel SpecForce Handbook
(page 102), The Far Orbit Project (page 144)    Sende Artikel als PDF