Stalker Armor

Stalker Armor
Model: Salus Corp Stalker Armor
Type: Personal body armor
Cost: 8,000
Availability: 3, R
Game Notes:
Armor: Provides +2D to Strength for physical attacks, +2D
to energy attacks; -2D to Dexterity and related skills. Covers
head, torso, arms and legs.
Heaviness: Due to this suit’s weight, the skills hide, sneak
and swimming cannot be used while wearing this armor.
Tangle Gun: 4D stun damage, uses missile weapons skill,
ranges: 3-10/30/60, mounted on right arm.
Duo-Flechette Rifle: 5D damage, uses armor weapons skill,
ranges: 3-10/30/60, mounted on right forearm armor.
Retractable Claws: STR+2D damage, concealed in right
Sensors: A sensor pod and targeting computer provides +1D
to search, and +1D to weapons skill rolls.
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 60-61)

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