Mist’s Bounty Hunter Armor

Mists_Bounty_Hunter_Armor-01Mist’s Bounty Hunter Armor
Model: Modified Krail
Armory Model 1010 Photoreactive
Personal Armor
Type: Modified personal
battle armor
Skill: Powersuit operation:
Krail 1010 armor
Cost: (with all
modifications) 80,000
Availability: Basic suit is X
on most planets; modified
suit in unique
Game Effects:
Basic Suit: Protection +2D to
Strength for energy attacks,
+2D+1 to physical attacks;
-1D to Dexterity and related
skills. Suit has a Move of
15, with movement rolled
on powersuit operations
Power Suit: +1D to lifting.
Sensor Pod: +1D+1 to
Integral Flechette Launcher: 20-meter range, rolled on
blaster skill (causes 3D stun damage).
Jet Pack: Move of 100 meters horizontally, 65 meters
vertically. Uses jet pack operation skill, base difficulty is
Easy, modified by obstacles. Has 16 charges, two of which
can be expended per round.
Sealed Enviro Filter: Filter system blocks out harmful
molecules, or in case of insufficient or deadly air supply,
the unit can completely seal, drawing on three hour oxygen
supply. In addition, the helmet’s filter contains a voice
disguiser, rendering attempts at voiceprint identifications
Photo-reactive Coating: The armor has a coating of
photosensitive microscopic crystals that reflect the ambient
colors in a given area, making the armor difficult to see in
virtually any situation. This adds +2D to sneak.
Reflec Plating: In addition to enhanced camouflage, the
armor is covered in a fine mesh of reflec, a sensor absorbing
material favored by the Imperial Storm Commandos, adding
an additional +1D to sneak.
Source: The DarkStryder Campaign – The Kathol Outback
(page 20), – The Kathol Rift (page 67), – Endgame (page

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