MerrWeapons WorldArmor 9 Planetary Shield

MerrWeapons WorldArmor 9 Planetary Shield
Model: WorldArmor 9 Planetary Shield
Type: Planetary defense shield
Scale: Death Star
Crew: 25
Cover: Full
Ammo: Power generator
Cost: 12 billions
Body: 3D (capital scale)
Shield: 3D
Range: 1/3/5
Difficulty: Easy (short range or half-planet), Moderate
(medium range or full planet), Difficult (long range or orbital
Game Notes: Planetary shields disrupt sensors and ship’s
power systems. Add the generator’s shield dice to all sensor
difficulties when attempting to sense inside the shield
(including any attempt to fire through the shield using fire
control), including scale modifier. For power systems, roll
the shield dice against the ship’s hull as damage (ship’s
shields don’t apply), including scale modifiers.
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