Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser

Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser

One of the „new class“ starship designs approved for the New Republic Navy, around the time of the formation of the Fifth Battle Group. The Majestic-class saw widespread duty during the Black Fleet Crisis as the NRs new main cruiser. New Class warships were designed following the NR demilitarization with lower cost and a less warlike appearance in mind. The result is a ship that not really fits the heavy cruiser class in spite of its naming convention. It is a mainstay in the NR after its introduction and have performed well considering its limitations in mind. The main strenghts of the ship are its sublight speed and modern targeting systems.

The Majestic was (supposedly) designed to take on an Imperator-class Star Destroyer and win. The idea behind achieving this in spite of being a much weaker vessel, was highly accurate turbolasers which would be able to score more hits at long range than an ISD (presumably in a heavily jammed battle environment), while at the same time being faster and morer maneuverable, to be able to keep its distance. Even if this was true, the tactic is obviously easy to counteract by using TIE/FC to support long-range accuracy. We also don’t expect the idea to hold up against modernized ISDs (which are also equally fast and have improved systems). Furthermore, Imperial Intelligence have scrutinized this claim plus the claim that the Majestic has comparable shields and armour as our Star Destroyers with captured Majstic-class ships and can positively confirm that those claims are wholly and utterly false.

Picture courtesy of Warlords


Name/Type: Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser
Designer/Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation
Designation: Medium Cruiser
Crew: 4,050 + 132 Gunners.
Length: 700 Meters
Speed: 70 MGLT
Hyperdrive: x.95
Shield Rating: ~2,986 SBD
Hull Rating: ~925 RU
Weapons: 30 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons, 20 Laser Cannons, 20 Ion Cannons, 4 Tractor Beam Projectors.
Fighter Complement: None.
Troops: 640 Troopers.
Support Craft: None.    Sende Artikel als PDF