Magnaforce Security Shield

Magnaforce Security Shield
Model: Simcronics MagnaForce
Security Shield
Type: Personal defensive field
Skill: Melee parry
Cost: 25,000 pair, 2,500 (custom
power cells)
Availability: 4, F, R or X
Game Notes: This unit is used
much like starship shields, except
that it is character scale. Initial
activation requires an Easy melee
parry roll, which generates a round
shield 50 centimeters in diameter.
A character my make a melee parry
round – if the roll is higher than the
firer’s blaster roll (as per normal
shield rolls), the wearer has placed
the force shield in the way. If the roll is lower than the
attacker’s blaster roll, the character didn’t get the shield in
place in time and was hit by the blast. If the defender got the
shield in place, the blaster bolt must roll against the shield’s
defensive field of 4D to see if it penetrates the field (use the
protection rules). Any further damage affects the target as
indicated in the chart “Cover Modifiers”. The power cell will
work for two minutes before being drained.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 92)    Sende Artikel als PDF