Krail 210 Personal Armor

Krail 210 Personal Armor
Model: Modified Krail Armory Model 210 Personal Armor
Type: Modified personal battle armor
Skill: Powersuit operation: Krail 210 armor
Cost: (with all modifications) 26,000
Availability: Basic suit is “X” on most planets; modified
suit is unique
Game Effect:
Basic Suit: +2D to Strength for energy attacks, +3D to
physical attacks; -1D to Dexterity and related skills. Suit
has a Move of 16, with movement rolled on powersuit
operation skill
Power Suit: +1D to lifting.
Sensor Pod: +1D to search.
Integral Internal Line Slinger: 20-meter range. Can attach to
grappling or magnetic hooks. Uses missile weapons skill.
Jet Pack: Has a Move of 100 meters horizontally, 70 meters
vertically. Uses jet pack operation skill, base difficulty is
Ease, modified by obstacles. Has 20 charges, can expend
up to two per round.
Winch: Capable of lifting 100 kg
Internal Dual Force Blades: STR+3D damage, Moderate
melee combat difficulty.
Sealed Enviro Filter: Filter system can block out harmful
molecules, or in case of insufficient or deadly atmosphere,
the suit can completely seal, drawing upon a two-hour
internal supply of oxygen.
Source: Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim (page
31)    Sende Artikel als PDF