Juggernaut Armor

Juggernaut Armor
Model: Cozzell Juggernaut 510 Combat Power Armor
Type: Assault power armor
Skill: Powersuit operation
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes:
Armor: Provides +3D to Strength for physical attacks, +3D
to energy attacks; -3D to Dexterity and related skills. Covers
head, torso, arms and legs.
Heaviness: Due to this suit’s weight, the skills hide, sneak
and swimming cannot be used while wearing this armor.
Strength: Servos in the armor provide +3D Strength bonus
for lifting skill rolls and melee and brawling damage.
Speed: Due to the bulk of the
armor, the wearer’s Speed is
reduced to 5.
Sensors: Provides 180-degree
vision, macrobinocular vision
and mini-targeting computer.
Provides +2D to Perception
and search rolls. Contains
a multi-frequency targeting
and acquisition system
(MFTAS) which gives +1D to
all ranged weapons skill rolls
at medium and long ranges.
Body Glove: A climatecontrolled
body glove
incorporates additional
heating and cooling elements
to allow comfortable
operation in moderately hot
and extremely cold climates.
Medium Repeating Blaster:
7D damage, uses armor
weapons skill, ranges: 3-50/
120/300, hand held with braces and targeting computer
interface along right forearm armor.
Grenade Launcher: 5D damage, uses missile weapons skill,
ranges: 1-250/350/500, mounted on left shoulder.
Retractable Claws: STR+2D damage, mounted in left
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 55-56)

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