HSS Thruster Pack

HSS Thruster Pack
Model: Greshnohr
DRPV-78 Rocket Pack
Type: Rocket pack
Skill: Rocket pack
Cost: 600
Availability: 2, R
Weight: 65 kilograms
Game Notes: Each
operation burst
permits horizontal
flight up to 500
meters and vertical lift
up to 300 meters. Has
fuel for 12 bursts, but
the pack must cool for
one round after each
burst. Can carry 30
kilograms of cargo besides the operator. The repulsorlift
generator allows the pack to hover and has a Move of 15
(cannot be used in conjunction with the rocket blast). The
respulsor unit can operate continuously for a maximum
of 10 minutes; it must coll for twice as long as it was
Source: Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (pages 90-91),
Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 67-68)

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