Gungan Portable Shield

Model: Otoh Gunga Stock Shield Generator Units
Type: Portable blast shield
Scale: Speeder
Cost: Not available for sale
Crew: 2 operators (one for the capacitor, one for the
generator), 2 fambaas, plus any fambaa handlers
Availability: 3
Game Notes: This is a portable shield generator used by
Gungans. It projects a circular shield canopy that provides
protection for everything within a 75-meter radius of the
capacitor. Multiple shields can be positioned so that their
effects overlap. A shield provides 5D of protection from
small, fast-moving objects that produce extreme heat
(such as projectiles from weapons fire, as well as lasers
and blasters), and restricts the movement of large, slowmoving
objects (such as troop transports and tanks). It will
not stop the passage of small, slow-moving object, such as
foot soldiers, nor will it protect against small projectiles that
generate no energy signatures or only miniscule amounts
of heat (such as arrows). Each time damage penetrates the
force field, it loses 1D from its rating.
Source: Secrets of Naboo (page 50)    Sende Artikel als PDF