Some corporations have established themselves as political influential companies even to the point of being governments themselves.

BlasTech Corporation

BlasTech Corporation is one of the main corporations in producing handheld weapons. The Rebel Alliance was supplied illegally by BlasTech Corp. The most well know weapon was the BlasTech DLT 20A and the A280 Blaster Rifles.

Corellian Corporate Treaty

The CCT is a treaty between the major Corellian Corporations. Members are the Corellia Engineering Corporation, Corellia Mining Corporation, Corellia StarDrive, Corellian Chemical Corporation, Corellian MasterNav Incorporation and the Corellian Merchant’s Guilds.

Damage Incorporated

The largest mercenary company in known space, Damage Inc. has a reputation for quick decisive actions and highly professional soldiering. They have access to a large, unknown, source for funding that allows them to constantly upgrade and maintain a large weapon, vehicle and ship inventory. Signing a contract with Damage Inc. costs a lot of credits, but is worth it. Only the most famous mega-corporations or planetary governments can usually afford their combat rates.

Duros Corporate Alliance

The Duros Corporate Alliance is an entanglement of many small sub-corporations held together by a Corporate Government. They are well known for their droids with humanoid-looks. One of such sub-corporation manufactures protocol droids of the C-series. The Duros Corporate Alliance was also the first to have a large order of JOG-0 by master Jè-Di for the newly founded Jedi Order.

Goliath Gmbh

Goliath Gmbh is the largest manufacturer of civilian and paramilitary weapons, armor and vehicles. It rules its multi-star system empire from its megalopolis HQ of David, on Balmorra.
Goliath is well known throughout the galaxy for the manufacture of the Artemis Mk IV Hand Blaster pistol, the most sold personal weapon of all time, with over 350 billion pieces on the market to date. Goliath is also the sole supplier of the Galactic Republic’s Rangers armament and gear.

Incom Corporation

Incom Corporation is known across the galaxy for its main two products, the T-65B Aerospace Superiority Fighter and the Z-95 Planetary Dominance Fighter. Commonly referred to as the X-wing, the T-65B is the proud result of years of R&D by Incom.
Because of the superior engineering and design of the T-65B, Incom Corp has been selected as the sole supplier of fighters for the new Republic Armed Forces navy procurement division. Incom currently works on the next generation aerospace fighter (research code named Z-wing) technology, which will start replacing current X-, A- and Y-wings within the next 5 years.

Industrial Automation Corporation

IAC is known throughout the galaxy for its top-of-the-line astromech droids, among which the well known R2 series. From its HQ on Teltir (Inner Rim Territory, 3rd quadrant), IAC rules the largest droid manufacturing factories and research laboratories. Teltir itself is a corporate world, with over 60% of its population base involved in some way with IAC.
Beside the R1 through R7 series Astromech droids, IAC is reputed for its 1GD through 9GD Guard droid series.

InterGalactic Banking Clan

The monetary system is controlled by the Banking Clan based on the planet Muunilinst. They are the only ones who have banks and they are all linked together. Planets on which the Banking Clan has no influence still deal with hard currency. The Banking Clan itself only allows members of its own race, the Muun. Because of their long existence and mono-racial society, it is stated as an independent affiliation.
After their joining with count Dooku and the Separatists and, the defeat against the Grand Army of the Republic, they were put of commission; with the result of a wide spread inflation of the Republic credit. Only when the New Republic had been founded, the monetary system and the InterGalactic Banking clan were reinstalled.

Interstellar Transit Authority

The Interstellar Transit Authority is a permanent non-profit organization whose role is to regulate and maintain the conventions for use of stellar coordinates and mapping conventions regarding the use of hyperspace.

Kuat Drive Yards

KDY is the largest manufacturer of spaceships and military technology in the known universe. At the time of the Empire, KDY manufactured the Victory-class, Imperial-class and Emperor-class Star Destroyers. During the New Republic, it sits in Republic space. KDY has re-tooled its production base to manufacture Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruisers.
During peace time, KDY drops its production base from a war-driven economy to a peace-economy. Only 18% of its production facilities are in peace time geared for military production, the rest responding to civilian needs and other national interests. KDY shipyards and corporate HQ are located on Kuat.

Kyril & Darch

The most advanced AI and computers always bear the mark of K&D. Treated by some like species of art rather than tools, K&D’s AI and computers are so advanced that they balance on the threshold between TL 12 en TL 13.
All of K&D production is done on their homeworld Vergesso.

Sienar Fleet Systems

This small Para-governmental outfit is the current manufacturer of the Imperial TIE ships and also supplies Strom trooper armors and rifles. The Imperial Household own 60% of Sienar’s stocks with the other 40% distributed among some 20 influential Imperial families. Sienar’s HQ and manufacturing facilities are located on Sluiss Van    Sende Artikel als PDF