Goroth Planetary Police Armor

Goroth Planetary Police Armor
Model: Goroth Planetary Police Armor
Type: Specialized personal defense armor
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes:
Basic Suit: +2D physical, +1D+1 energy to Strength to resist
damage. -1D to all Dexterity attribute and skill checks.
Sealed environment with 10 hours of air supply.
Heating/Cooling Unit: Keeps the wearer comfortable in
ambient temperatures ranging from -75º to 170º C.
Comlink: Helmet contains tongue-toggled comlink for
instant communication with other units.
Targeting System: Contains a Multi-Frequency targeting and
Acquisition System (MTAS) which gives +2D to all Perception
checks in darkness, smoke and other visibility-obscuring
conditions. Also gives
+2D to ranged weapon
skill used (such as
blaster) when the
user aims for more
than one round (in
addition to the normal
bonus for “preparing”,
as described in the
Emergency Survival
Kit: Incorporated into
backpack, including
two additional dylinium
hydride power packs
which last 12 hours
(8 hours in extreme
Dedicated Emergency
Locator: 150 kilometer
Source: Goroth, Slave
of the Empire (pages

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