Geld Systeme

Throughout the galaxy, each civilization has its own currency. Each inhabitant of a modern society has a credit-chip or credit-stick. Merchants and traders also have an inter-chip. On the backwater planets, hard currency is still used.
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Prices given in official GURPS books are the normal prices for a certain region with its appropriate currency. Outside the region, the value of a particular type of currency may vary (e.g., the Republic Dataries were less worth in the Outer Rim than inside the sphere of influence from the Galactic Republic.
Banking Systems
Galactic Banking Network
This is a collection of banks throughout the galaxy that have linked their assets together to allow free movement of funds. Up until the Rise of the Empire, this was solely run by the InterGalactic Banking Clan.
This small memory device was developed to track a being’s monetary value. Each chip was built with specialized memory algorithms to prevent tampering, and could be used to add or subtract credits from a being’s account.
This device replaced the traditional credit-chip as the preferred method for maintaining a being's monetary value. The credit stick was a pen-shaped device that performed the same functions as a credit-chip, with the same forms of memory algorithms and security checks, but in a smaller device.
This small device processes the transfer from one party to another. When a being purchases something from a merchant, the merchant enters the cost into the inter-chip. The being then inserts their own credit-chip and the inter-chip debits their account in the correct number of credits before depositing them into the merchant’s account. Payment between two individuals can also be accomplished the same way.
Alliance Credit
The Alliance credit as the official monetary unit used by the Alliance, it was exchanged on par with Imperial credits on most Alliance worlds. Other worlds would exchange 25 Alliance credits for a single Imperial credit.
Republic Credit
The Republic Credit, also called datary, was the standard monetary unit of the Galactic Republic. It was valid in all but the most remote systems.
Imperial Credit
The Imperial credit was the basis for all monetary transactions in the galaxy, during the height of the New Order. It defined a standard denomination around which all races and planets could easily interact in business and pleasure. During the Imperial reign, other monetary units were outlawed, except for those working as Imperial spies or mercenaries.
The Emperor issued a credit coin, the decicred, to celebrate his 10th anniversary as Emperor. The obverse of the coin displayed the visage of the Emperor, while the reverse displayed the Imperial emblem. This coin however, has more collectible value than real-life value.
Wupiupi, Peggat and Trugut
The wupiupi was a Huttese unit of money, and was in prominent use in the Outer Rim Territories during the Old Republic. There were sixty-four wupiupi in one peggat, which was worth four truguts (druggats) or about forty Republic dataries.    Sende Artikel als PDF