Forseti-Class Patrol Ship

Forseti-Class Patrol Ship

The Forseti-Class Patrol Ship is primarily meant as a replacement for the aging Imperial Customs Corvette design. With enhanced passive sensor systems and stealth capabilities, it is able to sneak up much closer to targets with a minimized chance of being detected, and of being targeted after it has been detected. These capabilities also allow it to competently act in a recon role. Additionally, the Forseti class is more capable of operating independantly for extended periods of time, and is capable of taking on larger capital ships than the Imperial Customs Corvette was capable of, and standing a good chance of coming back from the battle.

Member Availability:

  • Dark Jedi
  • ISIS Agents
  • Fighter Pilots
  • Troopers
  • Naval Officers


Name/Type: Forseti-Class Patrol Ship
Designer/Manufacturer: Jacen Wesiri / NIF
Designation: Corvette
Crew: Crew: 90 + 16 Gunners
Length: 200 Meters
Speed: 80 MGLT/ 1,050 Kph
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 1,000 SBD
Hull Rating: 450 RU
Weapons: 6 Turreted Turbolasers (Taim and Bak XV9s), 2 Turreted Double Ion Cannons (Comar X9 Heavy ion Cannons), 4 Quadlaser Cannons, 1 Tractor Beam projector, 1 General Purpose Launcher.
Fighter Complement: 1 Squadron.
Troops: 64 Stormtroopers + officers (2 Platoons).
Support Craft: 3 Shuttles.
Special: Sensor Shroud, Enhanced Passive Sensor system.    Sende Artikel als PDF