Enforcer-class Cruiser

Enforcer-class Cruiser

The Enforcer is built on the same hull as the Immobilizer-418, but without the structural weakness of gravity well projectors, while instead making room for a hangar. Rearrangement of the power grid allowed additional weaponry, strengthened shields, and higher sublight acceleration.It was designed to be a fast flanking and escort vessel, particularly to work in conjunction with its sister class, the Immobilizer-418, in anti-pirate task forces in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The Enforcer is very capable of attacking and defeating small frigates and corvettes, highly maneuverable and very well armed for its size, making for a light cruiser with excellent performance. The only problem is a lack of heavy weapons, making it unsuitable for fleet combat. (Ref: most sources gives the ship just 10 tl batteries. This can be considered inaccurate due to GEDB fluff. For the same reason and listed details, the ship can be considered having 14 QL instead of 10).

Picture courtesy of Warlords


Name/Type: Enforcer-class Cruiser
Designer/Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems/Kuat Drive Yards
Designation: Light Cruiser
Crew: 3,000 + 65 Gunners
Length: 598 Meters
Speed: 70 MGLT
Hyperdrive: x2
Shield Rating: 3,170 SBD
Hull Rating: 1,270 RU
Weapons: 20 Turbolaser Batteries (class 3), 14 Quad Laser Cannons (class 4), 6 Ion Cannons (class 3) and 4 Tractor Beam Projectors (class 4).
Fighter Complement: 2 Squadrons.
Troops: 300 Stormtroopers.
Support Craft: 4 Light Transports.
Modifications: MISS Point Defense System

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