Dej Vennor’s Armor

Dej_Vennors_Armor-01Dej Vennor’s Armor
Model: Modified Imperial
Scout Armor
Type: Bounty hunter
Scale: Character
Skill: Powersuit operation
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: Unique
Game Notes:
Basic Suit: Vennor’s armor
provides +1D protection
versus physical and energy
attacks, with no Dexterity
penalty. Suit has a move
of 20 (rolled on powersuit
Power Suit: +1D to climbing/
jumping and lifting.
Sensor Pod: +1D to search.
Internal Line Slinger: 20-
meter range. Standard line
is tipped with a magnetic or
claw grappler. Roll missile weapons to fire.
Jet Pack: Can move 100 meters horizontally or 30 meters
vertically in a single round. Has 20 charges and can expend
2 per round until exhausted.
Sealed Enviro Filter: Filter system can block out harmful
gasses or toxins for up to two hours. Provides protection in
Motion Sensor: Neuro-Saav MacroMotionMonitor. Adds +1D
to search rolls involving motion up to 50 meters away.
Reflec Coating: Vennor’s armor has been coated with the
sensor absorbing compound, reflec. If he is not being
actively scanned for, he adds +1D to his hide and sneak
Wrist Lasers: Hold 15 shots per unit, and inflict 4D damage
to targets within 3 meters.
Source: The Far Orbit Project (page 97)    Sende Artikel als PDF