DefenStar Nyalsan II Planetary Shield

DefenStar Nyalsan II Planetary Shield
Model: Nyalsan II Planetary Shield
Type: Planetary defense shield
Scale: Capital
Skill: Planetary shields
Crew: 18
Cover: Full
Ammo: Power generator or power grid
Cost: 500 million credits
Body: 3D
Shield: 10D
Range: 1/2/3
Difficulty: Easy (short range or half planet).
Moderate (medium range or full planet),
Difficult (long range)
Game Notes: A ship may attempt to evade the
shield using its sensors to determine where
the shields are and move around them. Flying
through shutter shields is a Moderate to Heroic
task even if no attempt is being made to block
the approaching ship. If the shields are being
actively used to block approaching ships the
difficulty is the operator’s planetary shields
skill (typically 4D-5D) against the starship dodge, including
scale and other modifiers.
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