DefenStar 5000 Planetary Shield

DefenStar 5000 Planetary Shield
Model: Hibomehrt-Wyrrgex DefenStar 5000
Type: Planetary shield relay system
Scale: Death Star
Skill: Planetary shields
Crew: 150, skeleton: 50/+15
Crew Skill: Planetary shields 6D
Cost: 500,000 per shield
Availability: X
Game Notes: Each shield protects a 100 square kilometer
area. The shield provides 6D Death Star scale protection.
Anything that hits the shield suffers 6D damage; energy
bolts hitting the shields make opposed damage rolls, if the
planetary shield’s roll is higher the energy bolt is snuffed.
If the energy bolt’s roll is higher, for every 6 points by
which the bolt exceeds the shield roll, 1D of damage passes
through: additionally, the shield system takes damage as
per normal combat results. If the shield system is damaged,
the system has 5D of backup shields that can be brought
on-line with a Moderate planetary shields roll. The shield
system has a fire control of 3D. Each shield must have its
own power generator.
Source: Dark Empire Sourcebook (pages 129-130)    Sende Artikel als PDF