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“Trickster” Sensor Decoys

“Trickster” Sensor Decoys
Model: Corellian Engineering Trickster Drone
Type: Sensor countermeasure system
Cost: 7,500 (for launch tube and five drones), 500 per
additional drone
Weight: 2 metric tons
Availability: 2, F
Game Notes: Trickster Drones add +2D to difficulty to
determine which sensor reading is the ship and which is
the decoy. System includes 5 drones. Drones move in a preprogrammed
pattern, up to speed 5. Possession of this type
of countermeasure requires Imperial certification.
Source: Pirates & Privateers (page 39), Galaxy Guide 6:
Tramp Freighters (page 41)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

“Mimic” Decoy

“Mimic” Decoy
Model: MerenData Mimic Sensor Decoy
Type: Military sensor countermeasure decoy system
Cost: 13,000 (for two launch tubes and three decoys), 1,000
per decoy
Availability: 2, X
Game Notes: Adds 2D to sensor operator’s difficulty to
discriminate between the decoy and the real ship. The
decoys move up to speed 10, have simple droid brains,
and can be issued new movement instructions via
comlink or programmed with several patterns. A “false
image option” allows the decoy to impersonate any of five
preloaded profiles, including the ship of origin, a TIE/ln,
a YT-1300 freighter, a Lambda-class shuttle or a Corellian
corvette. New profiles can be created with a Moderate droid
programming roll and the appropriate signal profile.
Source: Pirates & Privateers (page 39)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Copycat Pod

Copycat Pod
Model: Corellian Engineering Corporation Copycat Pod
Type: Electronic countermeasure probe
Skill: Sensors
Cost: 10,000 (plus permit fees)
Availability: 3, F or R
Game Notes: This device mimics the performance of the
parent vessel when used aboard a starfighter or small
transport freighter (ship with a cargo hold of 100 metric
tons or less); it has a maximum Space speed of 6. Any
person attempting to distinguish a copycat pod from a “live”
vessel must make a Difficult sensor roll on passive or scan
mode (Moderate on search mode and Easy on focus mode)
to determine which ship is real and which is the decoy. If
the roll fails, the sensor operator will perceive both ships as
being “real”.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 53-54)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Sensor Baffling

Sensor Baffling
Model: Arakyd Nightshadow anti-sensor treatment
Type: Sensor countermeasure coating
Scale: Starfighter or capital
Cost: 20,000 per starfighter scale Hull die (ignore pips);
50,000 per capital scale Hull die (ignore pips)
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes: A ship treated with this material adds to
a sensor operator’s difficulty to detect the ship. A light
treatment adds 1D to the difficulty. A heavy treatment (a
second coat) adds 2D. Additional treatments are futile,
since the treatment does nothing to prevent the detection
of engine exhaust, a primary method of detecting ships. The
type of vessel affects how well the ship can be “stealthed”
– blunt, angular ships, 500 meters or more in length, or
more than 5D Hull (either capital or starfighter scale) can
only be “baffled” up to 1D of protection. Slender, rounded off
ships (smaller Mon Calamari vessels foe example) are easier
to baffle, due to their natural design.
Source: Pirates & Privateers (page 38)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Sensor Mask

Sensor Mask
Model: Fabritech Vanish 2 Military Sensor Masking
Type: Sensor countermeasure masking system
Scale: Starfighter or capital
Cost: 150,000 per Hull die; 300,000 per capital Hull die
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes: When activated, the sensor mask adds 2D
to enemy sensor operator’s difficulty to detect and identify.
Current masking technologies offer a maximum of 3D of
sensor protection. Such items are practically impossible to
locate, and are often considerably more expensive than the
market norm.
Source: Pirates & Privateers (pages 38-39)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Comm Jammer

Comm Jammer
Model: IntelStar Silencer Comm Jammer
Type: Communications jammer
Skill: Communications
Cost: 5,000 plus installation costs
Availability: 2, R
Game Notes: While any ship use their communications
array to jam, this communications jammer uses a ship’s
transmitters to flood communications frequencies with
static. However, comm. jammers have extremely high
power demands and can only be used for short duration;
basic jammers can operate for 10 combat rounds before
requiring recharging (which takes an additional 10 rounds).
In addition, for each fire arc that is being jammed, subtract
one round from the operating time (focused jamming
subtracts 5 rounds from the overall operating time). A ship
being jammed must make an opposed communications roll
against the jamming ship’s communications operator. The
jamming ship gains bonus dice to jam, based on how many
firing arcs are being jammed:
Fire Arcs Jammed Communications Bonus
All arcs –
Three arcs +1D
Two arcs +2D
One arc +3D
Focused jamming +4D
Source: Pirates & Privateers (page 39)    Sende Artikel als PDF