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Emotion Suppressant

Emotion Suppressant
Model: Consolidated
Learning Systems
Model ES23
Type: Emotion
suppression system
Cost: 750
Availability: 3
Game Notes: Device
uses micro-powered
cells. Each pair must
be worn a minimum
of 24-30 hours to
allow for proper
calibration to the
wearer’s life function
rythms. Device adds
+2D bonus to any willpower rolls to resist emotionalimpulses.
Note that this device could conceivably be used
to help resist torture (although it has no effect on resisting
Force abilities).
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 36-37)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Servo Slippers

Servo Slippers
Model: Mahled
Medical Services
Servo Slippers
Type: Repulsorlift
assisted leg and
arm braces
Cost: 2,500 per
pair (foot/leg or
Availability: 3
Game Notes:
On high gravity
worlds, foot/leg
braces alone
negate Movement
penalties and cut
Dexterity penalties
by two pips.
Hand/arm braces
alone cut Dexterity penalties by two pips. Both foot/leg and
hand/arm braces completely negate all Dexterity penalties.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 45)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Grav Mill

Grav Mill
Model: Quarlitech Aergronics,
Inc. GRGC-800
Type: Grav treadmill incline
Cost: 700
Availability: 2
Game Notes: Dedicated
training on the grav mill for
an extended period of time
(anywhere from a few days to
weeks, depending upon the
severity of gravity change) can
help eliminate any penalties
due to higher or lower gravity
Source: Galladinium’s
Fantastic Technology (page
31)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Myostim Unit

Myostim Unit
Model: Traxes BioElectronics Myostim Couch
Type: Myostim unit
Scale: Character
Cost: 30,000
Availability: 3
Game Notes: For every 12 hours spent on a myostim unit
the subject’s Strength is increased by +1 (maximum bonus
of +1D). The bonus lasts for one week. Extended use of
myostim unit might have psychologically damaging results
in tense situations requiring sudden bursts of activity. After
more than six months of use, characters in an extremely
stressful situation may suffer a -2 penalty to Dexterity,
Knowledge, Perception, and all related skills, with a mishap,
the character becomes enraged and uncontrollable.
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 109-110),
Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook (pages 112-113)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Signature Scent Synthesizer

Signature Scent Synthesizer
Model: Paradour
Enterprises Signature
Scent Synthesizer
Type: Computerized
fragrance synthesizer
and replicator
Cost: 1,500, 150 (refills)
Availability: 3
Game Notes: Some
fragrances may contain
biological ingredients
(such as pheromonal
additives) that may
induce an exceptionally
strong effect on some
beings. In game terms,
“victims” of such
pheromonal fragrances
might suffer penalties to
willpower rolls to avoid
infatuation or resist the effect of command, con, persuasion
and similar skills. Enterprising characters with the
appropriate chemistry background may concoct all kinds of
substances with a number of psychological effects.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 46)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Elixir of Infatuation

Elixir of Infatuation
Model: Zeltron Elixir of Infatuation
Type: Mind-affecting drug
Cost: 250 (per vial)
Availability: 3
Game Notes: A creature that imbibes the transparent,
odorless liquid becomes infatuated with the first creature
he or she sees afterwards. The mind-influencing effect
lasts for 1D hours, and a successful Difficult willpower
roll negates the effect. If the drinker and the source of the
infatuation are of the same species, apply a -1D+1 penalty
to the drinker’s roll. If both are human or near-human, but
of different species, apply a -2 penalty to the roll instead.
Creatures with Dark Side Points or immune to mindinfluencing
effects are immune to the elixir. An infatuated
creature suffers a -2D penalty to Perception-based rolls
regarding the source of infatuation. If this source threatens
the infatuated creature in any way, the victim gets another
willpower roll to negate the elixir’s effect.
Source: Ultimate Alien Anthology (page 197)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Orfite Scent Mask

Orfite Scent Mask
Model: Orfa Olfactory Corporation Scent Mask
Type: Recreational olfactory scent mask
Cost: 200 (400 off Kidron)
Availability: 2
Game Notes: The apparatus consists of a breath mask
connected by a tube to a small belt unit, which holds about
half a liter of water. A small tablet is inserted into the unit
and the belt creates a mist that travels up the tube into
the breath mask. Scent tablets are five credits apiece, while
intoxicant tablets are ten credits each.
Source: Planets Collection (page 150)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Cyduct Chemical Booster

Cyduct Chemical Booster
Model: Seselin
Medicinal Electronics
Cyduct E-23 Booster
Type: Interdermal
injection system
Skill: First aid
Cost: 1,250
Availability: 3, F, R
or X
Game Notes: An
Easy first aid roll is
required for first time set up. A variety of different chemical
compounds are available from physicians by prescription.
The booster holds up to 10 doses.
Serum Cost/Dose Duration Comments
DiMatolin 100 1 hour Negates Dexterity penalties in high gravity
environments (up to 1.4 standard gravities
Elisinandrox 250 10 hours +1D+1 to Strength or stamina to resist radiation
Gresholl-polyforim 150 3 hours Negates Strength penalties in high-gravity
environments (up to 2 standard gravities)
Haladreshin 200 8 hours +1D to Perception and related skills; effective as
neurological stimulant
Requilisant 200 6 hours Negates Dexterity related penalties in low and zero
gravity environments
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 43-44)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Ryll Spice

Ryll Spice
Model: Ryloth Spice
Type: Narcotic
Cost: 100-250 per kilogram
Availability: 2, R (legal on Ryloth)
Game Notes: Ryll spice has little effect on beings other
than euphoria and interesting, sometimes disturbing,
hallucinations. However, when used in excess, it can be
a dangerous and addictive drug which stimulates (and
sometimes burns out) the pleasure centers of most species
Source: Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (page 41)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Andris White Spice

Andris White Spice
Model: High-Grade White Sevari Spice
Type: Sense-enhancing drug
Cost: 500 per dose
Availability: 3, R
Game Notes: High-quality andris can be ingested directly,
dissolved under the tongue, or taken with food. A dose
increases Perception scores by +1D for one hour. Due to the
increased sensitivity, damage done to the character while
under the influence of the spice is increased by +1D.
Source: Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (page 40),
Adventure Journal 2    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Carsunum Black Spice

Carsunum Black Spice
Model: Black Sevari Spice
Type: Physical-enhancing drug.
Cost: 1,000 per dose
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes: Carsunum users become more intelligent,
faster, stronger, and generally more able. Users also
experience a mild euphoria and increased confidence. This
benefit has a dark side: after the effect wears off, users
become listless, sometimes poisoned, and occasionally
overdose fatally. Carsunum increases all abilities and
skills by +1D for 1D hours. At the end of the effect, the
user takes 1D damage for each hour under the influence
(the carsunum bonus cannot be applied). Force skills and
bonuses from Force Points are decreased by -1D per dose
for the appropriate period.
Source: Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (page 40),
Adventure Journal 2    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Glitterstim Spice

Glitterstim Spice
Model: Kessel Glitterstim Spice
Type: Telepathic booster drug
Cost: 6,000-10,000 per dose
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes: Glitterstim is sealed into slim black cylinders.
To activate the spice, one pulls back the opaque outer
wrapper, exposing the inert glassy fibers of the spice to
the light. As the spice reacts to the light, scintillating and
glowing from within, it ripens. When the transparent fibers
glow a pearlescent blue, they are ready to consume. The
consumer takes the spice orally, which dissolves in his or
her mouth with a crackling and faint show of tiny sparks.
Characters imbibing glitterstim are considered Forcesensitive
for 10 rounds. During this time, they can read
the surface thoughts of a target person. This functions
like the Receptive Telepathy Force power, except that the
user is restricted to using his or her Perception to make
the difficulty roll. Those who already have the Force power
derive no benefit from using gitterstim.
Source: The Jedi Academy Trilogy Sourcebook (page 86),
Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (page 40)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Death Stick

Death Stick
Model: Ixetal Cilona Extract Drug (fluid or solid)
Type: Narcotic
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes: Users experience a temporary explosion of
bliss. Anyone who samples a death stick must make a
Difficult willpower skill check. If failed, the character suffers
a -1D penalty to both his Dexterity and Knowledge attributes.
After 1-2 hours, the effects wear off, and the character must
attempt a Very Difficult Strength check. Failure indicates
addiction and the loss of -1 pips of Strength (which is
permanent, unless treated). Anyone wishing to break their
addiction can seek treatment, but this is costly. At the GM’s
option, lost points of Strength can be recovered by using the
(A) medicine skill (difficulty equal to 20, +1 per lost point of
Strength), or the Accelerate Healing or Accelerate Another’s
Healing Force powers.
Source: Coruscant and the Core Worlds (page 18)    Sende Artikel als PDF