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Archidia Fragrance

Archidia Fragrance
Type: Flower fragrance
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 3
Game Notes: If inhaled by a character, the fragrance of the archidia can cause euphoria. Anyone inhaling the fragrance
must attempt a Moderate Strength check, or be struck with euphoria (-1 pip to Perception for 1Dx10 minutes).
Source: Coruscant and the Core Worlds (page 123)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Concentrated Archidia Poison

Concentrated Archidia Poison
Type: Flower poison
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 3
Game Notes: If this concentrated archidia poison is inhaled, the inhaler must make a Very Difficult Strength check to avoid
its effects. If this roll is failed, the user loses 6D+2 pips from his Perception score for 1D days. This loss is temporary, but if it
reduces the character’s Perception below 0D, he enters a coma and can only be revived with the proper medical attention.
Source: Coruscant and the Core Worlds (page 123)    Sende Artikel als PDF   


Model: Millaflower Extract
Type: Tranquilizer
Scale: Character
Cost: 30 doses for 15+2D credits (from a pharmacist), or 30+3D credits (illegally)
Availability: 3, R
Game Notes: Millaflowers are used to soothe nerves, but this has no game effect. The extract of the millaflower, however, is
a potent tranquilizer. For each dose administered, one Strength roll versus the listed difficulty is permitted. Each successive
roll is more difficult than the last, but each successful roll negates the most serious effect that the dosage would otherwise
Dose Effect Resist Diff. Detection Diff. Game Effects
1 Relaxed V. Easy Heroic +5 Character is relaxed
2 Uninhibited Easy Heroic Character is unrestrained
3 Intoxicated Moderate V. Diff. Character is drunken (-2 to all actions)
4 Sleep Difficult Difficult Character is unconscious
5 Paralyzation V. Diff. Moderate Death in 1 hour without care
6 Heart Failure Heroic Easy Immediate death without care
Drug effects last for 10 hours, minus the number dice in the subject’s Strength rating (ie, someone with a Strength score of
2D+1 would suffer the effects for 10-2, or 8 hours), and this duration does not change regardless of the dosage administered.
Multiple doses can be given within a 24 hour period, and will count as additional doses as per the above chart.
Source: Secrets of Naboo (page 54)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Glie Poisons

Glie Poisons
Model: Naboo Glie Poisons
Type: Poisons
Scale: Character
Cost: Unlisted, though probably very high (perhaps 500-2000 per ounce, depending on the desired effect)
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes: These poisons are refined from a type of algae that is native to Naboo (for details, see the sourcebook). The
refined algae can be used to make a number of poisons. When a poison is ingested, a character must roll Strength to resist
the effects, and the difficulty depends on the poison being administered.
Type Onset Resist Diff. Detection Diff. Game Effects
Intoxication 1 min V. Diff. V. Diff. Drunkenness, -2 penalty for 2D hours
Musc. Spasm 1D/2 min V. Diff. Moderate -1D penalty for 2D hours
Seizures 1D min Difficult Difficult -2D penalty for 2D hours
Sleep 1D min Moderate Moderate Unconsciousness for 2D hours
Paralyzation 1D min Difficult Difficult Without care, death will result in 2D hours
Heart Failure 2D hrs Difficult V. Diff. Heart attack, possibly death
Death (1) 1D min Easy Moderate Death
Death (2) 1D hrs Moderate Difficult Death
Death (3) 2D hrs V. Diff. V. Diff. Death
Source: Secrets of Naboo (page 52)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Nasrabi’s Poisons

Nasrabi’s Poisons
Model: Nasrabi’s Poisons
Type: Poisons
Scale: Character
Cost: Varies, depending on the poison in question (see below)
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes: Nasrabi’s poisons have different effects, depending on which is used (see below). Assume that the duration of
the poison is a number of hours equal to the amount that the resistance roll was failed by. Attributes affected negatively by
poisons (such as Cripe Oil) cannot reduce the affected attribute below 1D.
Type Cost Resist Diff. Method Damage Game Effects
Aquyfin 375 Moderate Ingested 6D –
Cripe Oil 1,200 Difficult Injury/Injected – -3D to Strength
Gnooroop Extract 1,000 Moderate Ingested – -3D to Strength rolls made to resist
Pantol Spine Venom 1,500 V. Difficult Injury/Injected 7D Paralysis
Scaledust 500 Difficult Inhaled – Hallucinations
-1D Dexterity
-1D Perception
Sponge Powder 300 Moderate Ingested 4D Unconsciouness
Source: Gamer Magazine    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Sith Poison

Sith Poison
Type: Sith poison
Scale: Character
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 4
Damage: 2D
Game Notes: Sith poison can be either ingested, or
introduced through an injury (wound, injection, dart, etc.).
Any character so poisoned must succeed at a Very Difficult
Strength roll or suffer 2D of damage. Additionally, the poison
feeds the character’s anger until it has been driven from his
system. Whenever the afflicted character attempts to spend
a Force point, he must make a Very Difficult willpower
or Control roll. Failure indicates that the character is
overpowered by his anger and calls upon the Dark Side
instead – thus gaining a Dark Side Point. To overcome the
poison, a character must make a total of five successful
willpower and/or Control rolls to resist the effects of the
poison when spending Force Points. The character can use
the Detoxify Poison Force power (Control difficulty: Difficult)
in addition to his normal willpower or Control roll when
resisting effects of the poison, and use the better of the two
rolls to determine his level of success. Obviously, this can
take some time. Sith poison is rare, and can only be created
with the Alchemy Force power (Alter difficulty: Heroic). For
every 5 points that the Alter difficulty number is exceeded,
an additional dose is created. No matter how many doses
are made, the person making the poison must spend a
Force Point and gains a Dark Side Point.
Source: The Dark Side Sourcebook (page 65)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Malkite Poisoner’s Kit

Malkite Poisoner’s Kit
Type: Illegal assassination tool
Scale: Character
Cost: 800,000
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes:
Concealable: The Malkite
Poisoner’s kit is extremely
small (+1D to hide
H’gartha Poison: The kit
contains a small quantity
of h’gartha liquid neurotoxin; each vial is sufficient to kill
a single target on contact (causes death within two rounds.
There is no known antidote save bacta immersion, though
once removed from the bacta the poison again takes effect).
The neurotoxin is extremely difficult to detect, even by
medical scanners; increase the difficulty of (A) medicine or
first aid checks by two levels if the examiner is attempting
to locate traces of the poison within the victim.
Aerosol Spray: The poison can also be administered as an
aerosol spray; the poison is highly lethal and the attack
must be made from within 0.5 meters of the target (roll
Dexterity); failure to make at least a Moderate Dexterity
roll indicates that the poison has contacted the poisoner as
well, and he suffers the effects of the poison.
Needles: Needles can also be used to apply the poison; this
requires a Difficult sneak check (to puncture the target’s
skin without his knowledge) and a Moderate melee combat
roll to successfully handle the needle. Failure of either roll
indicates that the target is aware of the attack and has two
rounds to raise an alert or that the poisoner has fumbled
the needle, possibly exposing himself to the poison.
Disruption Field Override Generator: A disruption field
override generator increases the difficulty – by one level
– of (A) medicine or first aid rolls when medical scanner is
used to determine a victim’s cause of death; the generator
must be used within one meter of the medical and requires
a Moderate computer programming/repair roll. Success
causes the medical scanner to overlook any traces of the
“Pheromone Zone” Generator: This device confuses olfactory
sensors or organic “food sniffers” into believing food or
drink is devoid of poison (increases search or investigation
difficulty by one level if such a device is employed to detect
the poison; must be used within 3 meters of the “sniffers”).
Scanner Jammer: The third module jams sensors that can
detect foreign substances that are airborne; this device can
mask the presence of an aerosol spray poison (increase the
difficulty to detect the poison by one level; must be used
within two meters of the sensor).
Heat Selaer: A “heat sealer” instantly closes tiny puncture
wound caused by the kit’s needles. The poisoner must place
the module directly in contact with the puncture wound;
heat-sealing takes one round and leaves no trace of injury
(requires a Moderate Dexterity or sneak check).
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 109)    Sende Artikel als PDF