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DR-X55 Imperial Lift-Mine

DR-X55 Imperial Lift-Mine
Model: Norsam DR-X55
Type: Repulsorlift mine
Scale: Speeder
Length: 1 meter diameter
Move: 250
Maneuverability: 1D
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: X
Blast Radius: 1-5/10/15/
20 m
Damage: 4D/3D/2D/1D
Flight Ceiling: 500 meters
Game Notes: Mines can be
set for a specific height or
to move between two heights. Mines move up to 250 meters
per round, although soldiers can program them to rise and
fall at slower speeds. Mines detect vehicles up to 100 meters
away. Once a target is detected, it will adjust its height to
match that of the vehicle. Detonates when a vehicle passes
within 3 meters. Gamemaster should make map of mine
field. When entering a mine field, the pilot must make a
piloting roll for every mine within 20 meters of his flight path
(reflecting the adjustments and minute course alterations
he will make during the round). Any mine that beats his
roll explodes. Mines cannot be detonated by other mines.
Mine fields often force pilots to make multiple maneuver
rolls each round.
Source: Cracken’s rebel Field Guide (page 79)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

E-Mag Mine

E-Mag Mine
Model: Mesonic E-Mag Explosive Mine
Type: Anti-repuslorlift mine
Scale: Character
Skill: Demolitions
Cost: 200
Availability: 2, R or X
Damage: 7D
Game Notes: The mine’s sensors cannot detect the presence
of repulsorlift vehicles higher than 25 meters above ground.
The mines can also be calibrated to detect foot traffic. The
mine’s sensor units have a sensors skill of 6D to detect
repulsorlift traffic nearby.
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 44)    Sende Artikel als PDF   


Model: Greff-Timms Industrial Magnetic-fastening
Explosive Device
Type: Explosive
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Demolitions
Cost: 1,500
Availability: 2, X
Blast Radius: 0-2/4/6/10
Damage: 5D/4D/3D/2D
Game Notes: This mine can be attached to any ferrous
metallic surface.
Source: Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 127)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Antigrav Field Mine

Antigrav Field Mine
Model: SoroSuub XG Anti-Gravity Field Bomb
Type: Light repulsor mine
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Demolitions: mines
Cost: 400
Availability: 2, X
Blast Radius: 1-2/4/6/10
Damage: 6D/5D/3D/2D
Game Notes: Is triggered when any repulsor vehicle passes
within 3 meters of it. Can be disarmed with a Moderate
demolitions roll. If roll fails, mine explodes.
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 78), Rules of
Engagement – The Rebel SpecForce Handbook (page 69)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Singularity Mine

Singularity Mine
Model: Yuuzhan Vong Singularity Mine
Type: Matter compacting mine
Scale: Character
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes: Singularity mines, when stepped on, break
open and create a miniature black hole above itself. Any
beings (creatures, droids, and characters) within 2 meters
of the mine must make Very Difficult dodge skill rolls, or be
sucked into the black hole and lost forever.
Source: The New Jedi Order Sourcebook (page 155)    Sende Artikel als PDF