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Model: Xerithin Chemical Combinations BGA-900 Bio-Guard
Type: Personal defense device
Skill: Missile weapons
Cost: 100, 10 (ammo)
Availability: 3, possibly F or R
Range: 0-2/3/5
Game Notes: Bio-Guard is a cylindrical tube measuring
12 centimeters in length by 2 centimeters in diameter. It
is operated by firm pressure on a control stud; once fired,
it must be replaced. When activated, emitter sprays a
concentrated stream of four different chemical components,
each in rapid succession. As alien biologies differ
dramatically, the effects of the device’s individual agents
may not always prove effective with every species.
Reactive Agents:
Agent BG1: 5D stun damage. Stunned result inhibits motor
functions in humanoid life-forms.
Agent BG2: 4D stun damage. Stunned result produces
extreme irritation to skin, meaning -2D to all Dexterity or
Strength related skills for 1Dx10 minutes.
Agent BG3: 4D stun damage. Stunned result means
blindness for 1D minutes, with a -2D penalty to all actions
involving sight.
Agent BG4: 4D stun damage. Stunned result causes the
victim to pas out for 1D minutes.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 76-77)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

ABC Scrambler

ABC Scrambler
Model: Modified Loronar ABX-110 Tube-Launched ABC
Type: Antipersonnel sensory disorientation device
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile weapons: ABC scrambler
Ammo: 1 (per pod; each new pod must be attached to tube
Cost: 3,000; 350 (pod)
Availability: 2, R (for licensed hunters) or X (non-military
or hunter)
Fire Control: 1D+2
Range: 50-200/350/500
Blast Radius: 0-10/20/30
Damage: 8D/5D/3D (stun damage)
Game Notes: The launch tube is 1.2 meters long and each
pod is a back-attached box that is 20 cm long, 10 cm wide
and 5 cm tall. ABC scrambler pods take one minute to
change; if the character wishes to rush the change process,
the character must make a Technical roll:
Roll Time to Change Pod
Heroic One round
Very Difficult Two rounds
Difficult Three rounds
Moderate Four rounds
Easy Five rounds
Source: Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (page 82),
Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 43-44)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Slaver Snare Gun

Slaver Snare Gun
Model: Thalassian Corodex Snare
Type: Ranged personal restraint weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile weapons: thalassian snare gun
Ammo: 6
Cost: 1,200 (black market)
Availability: 3, F or X
Range: 5-10/25/50
Damage: 2D stun damage
Game Notes: Upon initial contact, the target individual
must make an opposed Strength roll to avoid entanglement;
the snare has a beginning Strength of 3D. Failure to do so
results in entanglement. The snare’s Strength increases by
+1D for each additional round as the filaments continue
to constrict and harden. The filaments cause no physical
damage. A special formulated dissolving agent degrades the
Source: Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations (pages
81/83), Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (pages 72-73)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Tangler Gun

Tangler Gun
Model: Salus Tangler Elite 1 Tangler Gun
Type: Tangler gun
Skill: Missile weapons
Ammo: 5
Cost: 900; 25 credits per extra clip for tangler package
Availability: 3
Range: 5-10/30/60
Damage: 2D (caused by the impact of the weighted ends
of the durawire), 4D stun damage (caused by the durawire
tangler package)
Game Notes: An opponent can work free of the tangler
by making an opposed Strength roll greater than the stun
damage of the tangler.
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 73)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Antipersonnel Net Gun

Antipersonnel Net Gun
Model: Conner APNG3
Type: Restraining net gun
Skill: Missile weapons
Ammo: 1
Cost: 750 (replacement net costs 100 credits)
Availability: 2, R or X
Range: 3-10/19/25
Damage: 5D stun, 5D electrical
Game Notes: An opponent can work free of the net by
making an opposed Strength roll greater than the stun
damage of the net. Weapon is often mounted on forearm
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 63)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

RGL-80 Electronet Grenade

RGL-80 Electronet Grenade
Model: Golan Arms RGL-80 Electronet Grenade
Type: Antipersonnel wire-guided grenade
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile weapons: grenade launcher
Ammo: 5 (force-fed magazine with power generator;
attaches to grenade magazine holder)
Cost: 2,000 (magazine)
Availability: 2, F
Fire Rate: 1/2 (power generator can only control one
activated net at a time)
Range: 10-250/350/500
Damage: 1-10D (variable stun or normal damage)
Source: Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (pages 82-83),
Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 43)    Sende Artikel als PDF