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Yuuzhan Vong Fire Breather

Yuuzhan Vong Fire Breather
Search 6D+1
STRENGTH 8D+2 (walker-scale: 4D+2)
Special Abilities:
Anti-Laser Aerosol: As long as a fire breather is alive, it
generates an anti-laser aerosol. This give fire-breathers
an additional +3D (character-scale) bonus to resist damage
from laser- and blaster-based weapons.
Fire Breath: As indicated by its name, the creature can
breath fire in a 30 meter long, 30 meter wide cone. These
flames inflict 5D of walker-scale damage to any targets
caught in the blast. This attack can be employed once
every 1D rounds.
Force Immunity: Fire breathers are immune to all Force
powers that involve Sense or Alter.
Slam Attack: Does Strength +3D+2 damage (walker-scale
damage: 8D+1).
Walker-scale: Due to their size, fire breathers are considered
Move: 6
Size: 30 meters tall
Source: The New Jedi Order Sourcebook (page 86)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Yuuzhan Vong Dread Weapon

Yuuzhan Vong Dread Weapon
Search 3D+1
STRENGTH 10D+2 (starfighter-scale: 4D+2)
Special Abilities:
Able To Exist In Zero Atmosphere: The dread weapon can
exist in a vacuum with no ill effects.
Inhalation: Any unsecured characters within a 50 meter
semicircular radius of the dread weapon’s mouth is at
risk of being inhaled by the creature. A character can
attempt a Difficult Dexterity check in order to grab onto
something, with failure indicating that the character
has been drawn 20 meters closer to the dread weapon’s
maw. Anyone sucked into the dread weapon cannot attempt
to cut its way out of the creature, as its skin is
dozens of meters thick. The duration of this inhalation
ability is 2 minutes, after which the dread weapon must
rest for an equal amount of time. After inhaling victims,
the dread weapon typically retreats and delivers them to
its Yuuzhan Vong masters before returning for more.
Starfighter-scale: Due to its size, the dread weapon is
considered to be starfighter-scale.
Move: 20
Size: 2,000 meters long
Source: The New Jedi Order Sourcebook (pages 85-86)    Sende Artikel als PDF   

Yuuzhan Vong Capture Beast

Yuuzhan Vong Capture Beast
Search 3D+1
STRENGTH 14D+2 (walker-scale: 10D+2)
Climbing 17D+1
Special Abilities:
Enclose: A capture beast uses its massive bulk to herd
ground-based creatures, grappling them with its sucker-
tipped legs (see below). It eventually joins its head
to its tail, forming a 4 meter-high living “wall” around
its prey.
Force Immunity: Capture beasts are immune to all Force
powers that involve Sense or Alter.
Legs: The capture beast has a hundred pairs of suckertipped
legs which it uses to restrain targets. Anyone
attempted to escape from a capture beast by climbing
over it must resist 1D+2 grapple attempts. The legs are
considered to be character-scale for the purposes of attack
and damage rolls. Each leg has an effective Strength
rating of 7D+1, and this total is used when making
grappling attacks against captured creatures.
Walker Scale: Due to its size, the capture beast is considered
to be walker-scale.
Move: 8
Size: 200 meters long
Source: The New Jedi Order Sourcebook (pages 87-88)    Sende Artikel als PDF   


Planet of Origin: Myrkr
Special Abilities:
Force Repulsion: Ysalamiri can create “bubbles” in which
the Force cannot be manipulated. A single ysalamiri can
form a defensive bubble up to 10 meters in raidus. Within
the bubble, characters cannot use the Force skills, Force
Points, or Character Points. Force attacks directed at
ysalamiri fade away as they enter the creature’s “Force
Move: 0
Size: Up to 50 centimeters long
Source: Alien Anthology (page 52), The Thrawn Trilogy
Sourcebook (page 160), Heir to the Empire Sourcebook
(page 89), The Last Command Sourcebook (page 101)    Sende Artikel als PDF   


Type: Urban pest
Special Abilities:
Teeth: Do STR+2D damage.
Claws: Do STR+1D damage.
Disease Transmission: Characters bit by a yeomet must
make a Moderate stamina or Strength roll to avoid becoming
diseased. Diseased characters become wounded at the time
of the onset of the disease (2D hours following the time of
Move: 8
Size: 60 centimeters tall
Source: Creatures of the Galaxy (pages 91-92)    Sende Artikel als PDF   


Dodge 3D+2
Alien species 8D, alien species: Yuuzhan Vong 10D+1,
intimidation 9D+2, scholar: physical sciences 6D+2,
willpower 10D+1, survival 6D+2
Astrogation 5D+1
Con 7D+1, persuasion 8D+1, search 8D
STRENGTH 11D (starfighter-scale: 5D)
Special Abilities:
Atmosphere Generation: The lung capacity of a yammosk
allows it to hold enough air to support thousands of
oxygen-breathing creatures for several hours. A yammosk
can produce a large, transparent bubble of oxygen, but can
only do so once every 24 hours.
Bite: The bite of a yammosk inflicts its Strength +1D+2
damage (6D+2 starfighter-scale).
Crew Skill Bonus: A yammosk can assist the crews of all
of its assigned Yuuzhan Vong capital ships within 10,000
kilometers. This results in a +2D bonus to all rolls by
these crews that involve Astrogation, Gunnery, Piloting, and
Sensors skills. This bonus does not affect non-capital-scale
Yuuzhan Vong ships, nor do multiple yammosks provide
additional bonuses. If the link between the yammosk and
its fleet is somehow severed, this bonus is lost. Note that
this bonus has already been factored into the Crew Skills
of all converted Yuuzhan Vong ships that it would normally
apply to.
Gravitic Telepathy: Yammosks can both receive and
broadcast thoughts, allowing it to treat all of its assigned
forces (the crew and troops of any ships, including noncapital-
scale coralskippers) as being within sight and voice
range. This effect extends to a range of 10,000 kilometers.
Shared Knowledge: Yammosks share their collected
memories with their offspring. While a newly-born yammosk
will possess these memories, however, it takes time before
this knowledge can be applied to the creature’s skills.
Starfighter Scale: Due to their size, yammosk are considered
Subsensory Awareness: The yammosk has the ability
to judge a target’s basic state of mind, and is a form
of empathy. By making a successful Perception check
(difficulty of the target’s Control or Knowledge: Willpower),
a yammosk can gain a +1D bonus on all Con, Intimidation,
Persuasion, and Willpower rolls made against that target.
This effect lasts one minute per use.
Tentacles: Although the yammosk has six tentacles listed
as natural weapons, the damage rating is given as “special,”
and no other notation is made in the entry’s text. As such,
assume that the tentacles can be used to grapple and crush
opponents using the yammosk’s Strength rating as the
attack’s damage.
Move: 4
Size: Heads can be up to 19 meters in diameter, with
tendrils that can span more than 100 kilometers
Source: The New Jedi Order Sourcebook (pages 27-28)    Sende Artikel als PDF