Cargo Baroness Freighter

Cargo Baroness Freighter

Novoil Cluster Stargoods is a premium provider of remanufactured space transports and fighter craft. For more information on the Novoil Cluster Stargoods corporation, please consult „STAR WARS – The Roleplaying Game“ – Second Edition page 108, or „The Star Wars ® Roleplaying Game“ – Second Edition Revised and Expanded page 255.

Novoil Cluster Stargoods developed this Ghtroc variant taking advantage of an unusual opportunity. For years, Novoil corporation had been collecting fixed laser cannons, as well as a myriad of other surplus replacement parts while waiting for its new certification. Most of these components were removed from Ghtroc ships that were being upgraded at the dealership and were in new condition. Shortly after Novoil Cluster Stargoods received its certification to remanufacture the Ghtroc Class 580, Class 720, and Cargo Empress-class freighters, Ghtroc Industries suffered financial difficulties resulting in the company’s demise. Novoil purchased directly from Ghtroc industries billions of replacement components at liquidated prices to help Ghtroc resolve its uncontrollable debt. The sale did little to save the failing company but managed to leave Novoil Cluster Stargoods in position of opportunity.

With a desire for profit and a passion to keep the good name of Ghtroc Industies alive, Novoil Cluster Stargoods began a massive consolidation of its inventories, and began a program of remanufacturing Class 580, and Class 720 freighters to new condition. Fearful the name of the Cargo Empress would have a negative impact on the program, Novoil Cluster Stargoods began testing a radical new idea at the Cluster Proving Grounds. The first fruits of this labor would be the Cargo Duchess. With the Duchess‘ success, Novoil produced its second Ghtroc model the Cargo Countess-class. Their latest Ghtroc design would incorporate elements from both the Empress-class and Class 720. The result, the Cargo Baroness-class.

Novoil decided to remove three segments of the massive Empress-class‘ extension module. It also added a fixed laser cannon from the Class 720 model. It was discovered most fatigue and stress damage as well as the creaking and groaning customers experienced was coming from the landing bay segments of the expansion module. Novoil rebuilt the Empress-class sans two of its landing bay segments, one extention segment, and removed three of its power cores to relieve further stress. With the changes in place, the much shorter, and solid 53.9 meter Baroness-class was born. This modification also addressed Novoil’s shortage of intact landing bay components, due to the defect. This newer design worked so well, outperforming the Duchess-class, Countess-class, and even matched the performance of the classic Class 580, Novoil quickly began production on its third and latest Ghtroc freighter.

Homebrew roleplaying game stats by: Frank V Bonura and “B.M.K”.
  • Novoil/Ghtroc Cargo Baroness Freighter
  • Craft:Novoil/Ghtroc Baroness-class Medium Freighter
  • Type: Medium freighter
  • Scale: Starfighter
  • Length: 53.9 meters
  • Skill: Space Transports: Cargo Baroness freighter
  • Crew: 1, (1 can coordinate), gunners: 1
  • Passengers: 10
  • Cargo capacity: 250 metric tons
  • Consumables: 2 months, 3 weeks
  • Cost: 195,000 (restored), 56,000 (used)
  • Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1.25
  • Hyperdrive Backup: None
  • Nav Computer: Yes
  • Maneuverability: 1D
  • Space: 4
  • Atmosphere: 280; 800 km/h
  • Hull: 3D+2
  • Shields: 1D+2
  • Sensors:
    • Passive: 15/0D
    • Scan: 30/1D
    • Search: 48/2D+2
    • Focus: 2/3D+2
  • Weapons:
    • 1 Double Laser Cannon
      • Fire Arc: Front
      • Crew: 1
      • Skill: Starship Gunnery
      • Fire Control: 1D+2
      • Space Range: 1-3/12/25
      • Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
      • Damage: 4D    Sende Artikel als PDF