Beylyssa’s Armor

Beylyssas_Armor-01Beylyssa’s Armor
Model: Modified Arelik Armor
Type: Modified personal battle
Cost: Not for sale
Availability: Unique
Game Notes:
Basic suit: +2D to Strength
for physical attacks, +1D for
energy attacks. Covers head,
torso and arms. Dexterity and
related skills are -1D.
Sensor pod: +1D to search.
Infrared Sensor: Adds +1D to
Perception in darkness
Turbo Projected Grappling
Hook: 20 meter lanyard, uses
missile weapon skill (ranges 0-
3/10/20), spring-barbed hook
(3D+2 damage if used on a live
Winch: capable of lifting 100
Environment filter: Helmet filter
system can prevent harmful
molecules from entering the lungs.
Source: Adventure Journal 3 (page 286)    Sende Artikel als PDF